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Apple iPad 2: The Next Generation of iPad

Jack Marteen asked:

Apple Inc. is one of the biggest manufacturer of mobile phones and tablets. Some of the best gadgets of all time has been manufactured by Apple. It has always been producing some of the most desirable devices. Apple iPad had got a rave review at the time it got launched and continued to do so for a long time. So much of good critic made the gadget one of the hot sellers. Its contemporary devices stood nowhere near it. Encouraged with so much of success Apple has announced the launch of the next generation of iPad in the form of Apple iPad 2. If some gossips are to be believed, then the tablet is going to be moulded into mobile phone.

You have heard it right, on the iPad you can even communicate with other people. You can make a call as well on the iPad. It is expected to be enriched in many features and applications. It is coming in the more slim and sleek look which is sure to attract many. The gadget is basically a type of tablet which has got so many of audio and video features. There are some really cool things to talk about it. All the big journals of world are rating it among the cult figures. Based on presumptions, the iPad 2 will be equipped with a dual camera which provides base to the video conferencing.

These are the assumptions which are making the gossips true that the device will also function like a cell phone. With so many of rave previews this one is sure to become a hot favourite among consumers. So many of iPad 2 deals are expected to hit the market as soon as the device gets launched. Deals are being placed by almost all the eminent networks which are there in the UK. The iPad 2 deals are Contract deals, pay as you go and SIM free deals. These deals are sure to make the device an affordable one for all the people. The iPad 2 contract deal is expected to come up with so many of offers and free gifts.

iPad 2 Cases – Best Strategies for Buying One

Savannah Groeneveld asked:

Picture this: You’ve been waiting weeks, which have seemed like years, for your new iPad 2 case and it finally arrived! You open it up, slip the case on your device and parade it around the house like you just won a new car. This is all fine and happens quite frequently. But suddenly, you set your device down and the hard shell case you bought cracks right down the back, or even worse, the case never fits correctly on your iPad in the first place.

Scenarios like this are very common because there are some serious mistakes that people make when buying them. Take a look through this list of strategies to consider when picking out your new iPad 2 case. Believe it or not, 90% of the iPad 2 cases that have been sold have been purchased online. Buying a case online is one of the best ways to buy one, but just make sure you keep these tips in mind!

Audit Your Daily Routine

In other words, think of the ways in which you will be using you iPad 2 on a daily basis. Will it sit by the couch all day and be used in the evening for a little entertainment? Will it travel to work with you every day? These two scenarios require very different cases to be effective. You will either want a protective hard shell case or a folio-style case (for organization) if you travel with your iPad 2. If you plan to leave you iPad 2 at home and use it sparingly for entertainment, you will want to choose a case that has a built in stand with multiple viewing angles.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

A high price tag does not always equate to superb quality, but a cheap price tag usually indicates a product of lesser quality. No one would buy expensive iPad 2 cases if the quality was equal to the less expensive cases. Remember, you spent a lot of money for your iPad 2 device and you need to protect it with a quality case! The majority of iPad users say that investing in a great iPad 2 case is one move they don’t regret. Look for popular iPad accessory brands when buying a case. Popular brands make your decision easy because they are obviously popular for a reason- consumers like the product!

Don’t Make a Hasty Decision

The worst thing you can do is buy the first one you see. Although this might be enticing, especially if you’re a busy person, but you need to take time to look at your options. There are thousands of cases and hundreds of different styles. Take a deep breath and evaluate your options.

iPad and iPad 2 – How to Draw and Paint

Savannah Groeneveld asked:

Who needs pens and pencils when you have a finger? The iPad section of the App Store is awash with amazing pieces of software that allow you to sketch, daub, smear and splatter away. So whether you are looking to produce something professional-looking or simply to distract your kids for a few hours, there’s an app out there for you. Here are a few apps that will allow you to express your creativity:


Brushes is a beautifully crafted app that artists of any level will have a lot of fun with. It supports image layering, different brush textures and weights, and the ability to control the transparency and weight of your strokes based on the speed with which you move your finger. Also present is a very cool “replay” feature that lets you watch the progress of your creation as a movie once you’re done. You can also import images from Photos on the iPad to incorporate into your artwork.

SketchBook Pro

Like Brushes, this app supports layers and is really intuitive to use. Overall, it is an offering more suited to professional use, and has loads of tools, brushes and textures, and an incredible zoom feature, which allows you to get right in there and detail.


For all your image and photo adjustment needs, try this app. It allows you to load images from your Photos library and then subtly mess around with various settings and curves. There’s also a bunch of photographic effects that can be added (vignette, sharpen, blur, etc.). The end results are deposited in your Saved Photos album, so you don’t risk damaging the originals.

123 Color HD

There are loads of coloring apps aimed specifically at kids. This one is a real treat – it has songs, voiceovers and multiple languages built in. When they’re done, pictures can either be saved to Photos or emailed to grandma or grandpa.

Spawn Illiminati HD

This one is for all the hippies out there – by tapping and swiping, you control the creation of multicolored psychedelic patterns on the iPad screen. There’s even a public Flickr gallery where you can post your creations for the world to view!

These are only a few of the awesome apps that can be downloaded on your iPad and iPad 2 that allow you to paint and draw. You will find yourself constantly creating new works of art and you’ll be wanting to show them off to your friends!